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All About Service

What if I tell you that dates is not the answer. Unlike other dating agencies or matchmaking companies that only focus on giving you dates, we focus on helping you achieve your dating goals and relationship objectives.

MeetNLunch does not show your picture to your potential date, and vice versa. When arranging for you to meet your date in a restaurant, your last name and telephone number are both kept confidential as well. After your date, it is both of your prerogatives to decide whether you wish to exchange last names and contact details.

Our members are very much like you. They are busy, active and down-to-earth single professionals seeking long-term relationships. Many of our members would never use less discreet dating platforms, as they are in high-ranking positions at work, and they have a need for discretion and privacy. Our clients comprise single, busy, eligible professionals and executives from various industries, from banking. Majority of them is from their late-20s to mid-30s; they are successful professionals who are seriously looking for that special someone.They are 70% Degree holder, and 19% Masters and PhD holder.

You may also meet for an afternoon tea or after-work drink, or even for brunch on the weekend. Ultimately, we work according to your schedule, and you dictate the time of your dates!

Our service is very different from the blind dates your friends arrange for you, because we hand pick your dates from the hundreds of singles in our membership base. Importantly, we equip you with the right knowledge and tools to maximize your success. Your well-intentioned friends, on the other hand, tend to introduce you to people who are simply single and available, with little to no thought about whether the two of you suit each other.

Good question. The founder of Lunch Actually (parent company of MeetNLunch) Violet Lim has been certified by the Matchmaking Institute in New York, an institute started by one of the most established modern-day matchmakers in US, Lisa Clampitt. All our consultants are trained in this proven system of matchmaking. We are also truly passionate about our work and have done extensive research and studies to develop a proven and effective dating system to help discerning singles find relationship success.

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All About Finances

The price of the membership depends on your profile, as well as your dating and relationship goal. Our experienced matchmaker will customise your personalised Dating Success Program that will maximise your chances for relationship success. Please contact us and request an appointment with our matchmaker today.

It's not possible to offer the services of an introduction service that is genuinely both selective and personal cheaply. Advertising and staff are large costs. Specifically, we employ skilled and experienced consultants and allow them to invest considerable amounts of time in dealing with members on an individual basis. We also spend substantial amounts of advertising in the quality press and the internet to attract lots of new singles to replace those that have been successfully matched.

MeetNLunch accepts payment through cash, NETS, cheque and all major credit cards.

If we have not delivered any dating program for you within a period of one (1) month following the date of our receipt of all the relevant documents required, you may request for a refund and termination of membership and we will return to you the membership fee less the registration and processing fees of $800. After you have gone out for the first dating program, all membership fees paid to are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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All About Our Successes

As we do not position ourselves as a marriage agency, we do not measure our success rate by marriages. Also, not every client would come back to us to let us know that they are attached, so we don't have the numbers of serious relationships of our clients accurately. An alternative, but also good measure of our success is how our members rate our matches - and 85% of the matches made by us have been rated as satisfactory to excellent by our members. Now, we hear of good news from our clients every week - be it a successful couple or a marriage, or sometimes even a LAB - Lunch Actually Baby! :) Our goal is to create 1 million happy marriages - and through our personalized coaching services, we have also helped thousands of singles find a fulfilling and lasting relationships, even with other singles who are not in our database.

MeetNLunch prides itself for its professional and highly personalized service. With its parent company which is the pioneer in the dating industry in Asia, MeetNLunch has invested heavily in its customer relationship management systems and training for our staff to deliver high quality service to the people we serve.

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Create Your Private Lunch Actually Profile and Start Dating
100% Verified Profiles
100% Confidentiality

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